andrew daffy, director.

‘Daffy’ began work in the industry at Framestore as a Junior Animator in 1996.

After earning the position as Head of 3D Commercials, his previsualisation techniques were put to full effect on the Levi’s ‘Odyssey’ commercial directed by Jonathan Glazer.

He was also a major player in BBC’s ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ series and extensively involved in the creation of two James Bond title sequences – ‘Die Another Day’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’.

His projects have accumulated over 30 awards and helped put Framestore firmly on the map. After leaving Framestore, he founded The House of Curves in December 2006.

Levi’s : Odyssey

Die Another Day : Title Sequence
Tomorrow Never Dies : Title Sequence
Johnnie Walker : Fish
XBOX : Mosquito
Volvic : Jog
FMX Festival LogoThe FMX Festival of Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia interviewed Andrew Daffy on his beginnings in the film industry, approaches to analyzing one’s work and his idea of an ideal project in the three-part interview below.

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